A description of the metadata maintained by TNS for each token

Below are detailed descriptions and rules for each item in the TNS dataset, including name, description, avatar, url, contractAddress, decimals, twitter, github, dweb, version, and various sidechain contract addresses.

See the following page for information on querying the TNS dataset.


A short string containing the name of the project Example: Wrapped Bitcoin


A succinct, one sentence description of the project. The description should be neutral and non-promotional in tone. Example: Wrapped bitcoin token with BTC held in reserve


A public URL linking to the project's logo image, hosted on IPFS. Developers can use the logo URL without needing to be familiar with IPFS. Decentralization oriented developers can parse the IPFS CID from the end of the URL. Example:


The URL of the main website used by the project Example:


Notification and context around token data changes Example: LEND is migrating to AAVE, at a rate of 100 LEND to 1 AAVE. The migration interface can be viewed at


The hex address of the token contract on Ethereum mainnet. Tokens may reside on other chains, or have their own blockspace, in which case this field may be blank. Tokens may have multiple addresses on multiple chains. If so, see sidechain address fields below. Example: 0x2260FAC5E5542a773Aa44fBCfeDf7C193bc2C599


The number of decimals that the token can be divided by. A requirement of the erc20 token standard. Example: 18


The twitter handle used by the project, without the '@'. Capitalization is permitted. Example: WrappedBTC


The name of the GitHub organization used by the project Example: WrappedBTC


A decentralized IPFS, IPNS, Swarm, or Arweave hash, used by browsers to resolve web pages with decentralized hosting. Example: bafybeiaqs3f3wcfln2ieej2wk6emuqcnc6rixahiv4ruqvjlmxlrkhaqdq


If this token represents an EVM network, return the chain ID Example: 10 (Optimism)


If this token represents a non-EVM network, return the SLIP44 ID Example: 501 (Solana)


A monotonically increasing versioning identifier, that increases when a token's metadata is updated.

X.0.0 is increased when a ticker ($XXX) is changed, 0.X.0 is increased when a contract address is changed, 0.0.X is increased when token metadata is updated.

If a more significant number is changed, all the numbers under it are reset. The starting version is 0.0.1

Example: 0.1.3 - The first version of a token, on it's second token contract address, under which, the metadata has been updated twice.

Reverse Resolver:

The following are additional datapoints that are returned by the reverse resolver


The token symbol for the queried address Example: MKR

Sidechain Addresses

The token's contract addresses for EVM and non-EVM chains.

EVM Networks:

Networks with contract addresses that conform to the EVM standard Example: 0x68f180fcCe6836688e9084f035309E29Bf0A2095

Current networks include:

Optimism | op_address

Arbirum | arb1_address

Avalanche (C-Chain) | avaxc_address

Binance Smart Chain | bsc_address

Base Network | base_address

Cronos | cro_address

Fantom | ftm_address

Gnosis Chain | gno_address

Polygon | matic_address

Goerli Testnet | goerli_address

Sepolia Testnet | sepolia_address

Non-EVM Networks:

Networks that don't conform to the EVM standard

NEAR | near_address Example: 2260fac5e5542a773aa44fbcfedf7c193bc2c599.factory.bridge.near

Solana | sol_address Example: 3NZ9JMVBmGAqocybic2c7LQCJScmgsAZ6vQqTDzcqmJh

Tron | trx_address Example: TXpw8XeWYeTUd4quDskoUqeQPowRh4jY65

Ziliqa | zil_address Example: zil1wha8mzaxhm22dpm5cav2tepuldnr8kwkvmqtjq

Reverse Resolver:

The following are additional datapoints that are returned by the reverse resolver


The token symbol for the queried address Example: MKR

Upcoming Datapoints:

Future datapoints that will be added to the dataset. Additional datapoints can be authorized through a governance vote.


The total number of tokens created for a project Example: 10000000


The total number of tokens in circulation This may be defined by a function in future versions of the resolver contract Example: 7800000


The chain id, if the token represents an EVM network Example: 10


The invite string for a project's discord server Example: dEc9GHjKUP


The URL for a project's forum Example:


The URL for the or other onchain voting interface Example:


The URL for the or other off-chain voting interface Example:


The ABI interface for the token contract


Host agnostic source code url (Gitlab, Bitbucket, Radicle, ect)


The contract address for the governance contract Example: 0x690e775361AD66D1c4A25d89da9fCd639F5198eD

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